25 Years of Slaughter Rock

The live album was recorded at DM’s 25th anniversary concert and features 2 CDs! Nearly every person who ever played in Disastrous Murmur made a guest appearance on this live cd.

Official Releasedate: 09.12.2014


1. Intro
2. Toxic Trap
3. Just a Wound
4. Necrotic Ulcerous Genoplast
5. Ultimate Masturbation
6. Are you Dead
7. Headless
8. Landshark
9. Fleshmaster’s Birthday
10. Splatter is Better
11. Bondage Balls and Cock Dissection
12. The Call
13. Daily Toilet Torturing
14. Intro II
15. Extra Uterine Pregnancy
16. Disgorged Bowel Movement
17. The Oral, Rectal and Vaginal Pear
18. Breaking by Means of the Wheel
19. Flesh Is What I need
20. Masked Killer

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