Skinning Beginning 1989-1991

For the first time in Disastrous Murmur’s history, all 3 demos are available in one compilation album. This Included Embryotic Uterogestation (1989), Extra Uterine Pregnancy (1989) and Flesh… Is What I Need (1991).

Remastered at Temple of Disharmony by Patrick Engel
Released by Floga Records
Artwork by Mark Riddick


Embryotic Uterogestation (Demo 1989)

1 Intro
2 Sanguinary Contusion
3 Ulceration
4 Mucous Chyme/Mummified Flesh
5 Bloated Corpses In A State Of Putrefaction
6 Dissolve In Putrescence

Extra Uterine Pregnancy (7″ Vinyl 1989)

7 Extra Uterine Pregnancy
8 Ptomaine Poisoning

Flesh… Is What I Need (Demo 1991)

9 Flesh… Is What I Need
10 Satisfaction (In The Morgue)
11 Into The Dungeon
12 Masked Killer

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